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Differences between UNDO and REDO

To clear this question we have this table:  UNDO REDO Record of How to undo a change How to reproduce a change Used for Rollback, Read-Consistency Rolling forward DB Changes Stored in Undo segments Redo log files Protect Against Inconsistent

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What is the difference between Rollback and Undo Tablespace? OTN Forum By user user503050

There might be confusion while undo and rollback segment terms are used interchangeably in db world. It is due to the compatibility issue of oracle. Undo Oracle Database must have a method of maintaining information that is used to roll

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EM mess – by Slyt – OTN Forum

I tried to run EM on certain host: [oracle@SQLAB db10g]$ emctl dbconsole start  TZ set to Poland EM Configuration issue. /u01/app/oracle/product/10.2.0/db10g/SQLAB_e2k not found. OK. No such dir indeed. So: [oracle@SQLAB db10g]$ emca -config dbcontrol db -repos createblablabla Do you wish

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want to migrate on windows data to db on SunOs10, and planning to use full exp/imp..will this work ? by DBA2008 – OTN Forum

Hi DBA2008, I recommend you to create all the structure first, then import all the data. Pre-create tablespaces, users, and tables in the new database to improve space usage by changing storage parameters. When you pre-create tables using SQL*Plus, either

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How to create a Temp Tablespace Group on 10g? by America OTN Forum

Tablespace Groups Oracle now has the concept of grouping multiple tablespaces together in what they call a tablespace group. This allows you to create multiple temporary tablespaces, assign these temporary tablespaces to a tablespace group, and then use the tablespace

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can someone tell any difference between express edition and standard edition for oracle 10g – by seyiisq -OTN Forum

Oracle XE: Express Edition (XE) is a free, downloadable version of the Oracle database server. Oracle XE can only be used on single processor machines. It can only manage up to 4 GB of data and 1 GB of memory.

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What does g in Oracle 10g signify?

“G”rid is nothing but a term that is there to tell us that there are resources which are scattered at several different locations/pc’s but we are using and maintaining those resources as one. For us its just one thing that we

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