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My name is Francisco Munoz Alvarez, I am a DBA with over 19 years of experience in Oracle, married for 11 years with a fantastic wife (Evelyn, I don’t know how she support me all these years) and father of 4 fantastic Kids (Gonzalo 11 y/o, Francisco Jr 8 y/o, Tomas 6 y/o and not least Lucas 1 y/o). I just moved to this beautiful country called New Zealand 3 months ago (February, 2008).

Here is a small resume of myself:

  • Around 19 years of experience in consulting, analysis, support, Implementation, and Migration of Oracle Databases
  • Worked as Associate Technology at Oracle Brazil and Chile
  • Oracle Instructor for New Horizons Center, Chile. (www.newhorizons.com)
  • Current job, Database Manager at Datacom Systems -Auckland, New Zealand
  • Oracle 10g OCA, OCP, 10g RAC OCE, SQL & PLSQL OCA, E-Business OCP, Oracle 7 CMO
  • Worked in the first team to introduce Oracle to

    South America (Beta version of Oracle 7)

  • Founder and Vice President of CLOUG (Chilean Oracle Users Group)
  • Member of NZOUG (New Zealand Oracle Users Group)
  • Member of OTN, Oracle Mix and Oracle Wiki Networks.

I hope we can use these Blog to be a place to help each other and to be a repository of knowledge and scripts for all oracle community. 


Francisco Munoz Alvarez


Oracle ACE Director and President of LAOUC, NZOUG and CLOUG. Organizer of LA and APAC OTN Tours,

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