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LOGGING or NOLOGGING, that is the question – Part III

By Francisco Munoz Alvarez Important points about LOGGING and NOLOGGING  Despite the importance of the redo entries, Oracle gave users the ability to limit redo generation on tables and indexes by setting them in NOLOGGING mode.   NOLOGGING affect the

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Australia 2008 National Conference Series

  I’m pleased to confirm that my paper ” Logging or Nologging: That is the Question!” submitted to the Perth and Gold Coast conferences was accepted.  See you at: October,6 and 7 – AUSOUG National Conference Series at Perth, AU

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What I need to know to become a DBA?

About the DBA job:  Most of the people that I talk to who have difficulties starting out in their DBA career really have an issue trying to absorb the mountainous volumes of information that a DBA needs to know. After

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LOGGING or NOLOGGING, that is the question – Part II

By Francisco Munoz Alvarez Redo Generation and Recoverability     The purpose of redo generation is to ensure recoverability.  This is the reason why, Oracle does not give the DBA a lot of control over redo generation. If the instance crashes,

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LOGGING or NOLOGGING, that is the question – Part I

By Francisco Munoz Alvarez Introduction The main question about NOLOGGING I hear all the time is: does creating a table with the NOLOGGING option means there is “no generation of redo ever”, or just that the initial creation operation has

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