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How to find all user Roles and Privileges?

Here is the scripts to help you to get this information: PROMPT  PROMPT  PROMPT ******************************************** ROLES AND PRIVILEGES  PROMPT  PROMPT ******************************************** USER ROLES  SELECT grantee user, granted_role, admin_option, default_role  FROM dba_role_privs  WHERE grantee IN (SELECT username FROM dba_users) AND       grantee

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How to migrate from 32 bit to 64 bit using RMAN?

This procedure can be used for single instance or RAC (9i to 11g): In the 32 bit source server : Start making a full backup of the database including all archivelogs: RMAN> run  {   allocate channel c1 type disk;   allocate channel c2 type

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How to Start and Stop a RAC Environment

Auto Start/Stop The Oracle Cluster Services handle the automatic start and stop of the Cluster, Listener, ASM and the Database. For the Grid Control Agent, the auto start- stop is handled via the /etc/init.d/dbora script.  On server boot the dbora

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Grid Control (GC) Cheat Sheet

   Ensure the Oracle database version can be monitored by Grid Control in Metalink article “Note 412431.1  Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control Checker”. Request firewall ports to be opened for 2 way traffic between your target and your Grid

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How can I start a trace?

Here are some possible ways to setup Trace: To Enable trace at instance level 1) Set the parameter sql_trace in the pfile or spfile. It will enable trace for all sessions and the background processes sql_trace = TRUE to enable

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How to setup a Basic Audit?

For any Oracle versions prior to 9i you will need to set audit_trail parameter in the pfile ie.g.: audit_trail = DB For later Oracle Versions: SQL>alter system set audit_trail = DB; To enable auditing for a specific object run the

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Oracle Application Server (10.1.2) Reference Tips – Part I

Starting an OracleAS infrastructure  Start the database listener: # lsnrctl start Start the repository database: # sql> startup Start the processes of the Oracle Infrastructure instance: # opmnctl startall Start the OracleAS Console: # emctl start iasconsole – then try

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