Perth, 2008 Australian User Group Conference


Here are some pictures from the first day of the conference. Tomorrow I’ll present my paper, also I will post more pictures and a podcast of it too.

(I’m posting the links because I’m having some problems to upload the photos 😦 )


Francisco Munoz Alvarez


Oracle ACE Director and President of LAOUC, NZOUG and CLOUG. Organizer of LA and APAC OTN Tours,

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3 comments on “Perth, 2008 Australian User Group Conference
  1. oracloid says:

    Thanks for the photo Francisco. Can I pitch it to use at my blog please?
    Good luck at your session today!

    See you around here.

  2. […] My few jokes on the initial slides were not as good as they would be with larger audience but, at least, resulted in smiles so I guess I can call it success to a certain degree. The presentation itself went well I think but I wasn’t too trilled about it and there are few places I want to change before I present it at Gold Coast. Well, live and learn. I’ve got some positive responses afterward and even a piece of photography art tagged by “excellent” courtesy to Francisco Munoz Alvarez: […]

  3. australian web host…

    It sounds interesting but I am not sure that I agree with you completely….

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