What was new for Oracle Backup and Recovery at 11g?

Oracle 12c is around the corner and due that I have received many questions from fellow DBAs about what was new about Backup and Recovery at 11g I have decided to write a small white paper about it.

Hope you will enjoy reading it as much I enjoyed writing it.



Francisco Munoz Alvarez


Oracle ACE Director and President of LAOUC, NZOUG and CLOUG. Organizer of LA and APAC OTN Tours,

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2 comments on “What was new for Oracle Backup and Recovery at 11g?
  1. Noons says:

    “4> backup section size 5GB datafile 6;”

    Here is what happens when “5GB” is used in
    2> backup section size 5GB
    RMAN-00571: ===========================================================
    RMAN-00569: =============== ERROR MESSAGE STACK FOLLOWS ===============
    RMAN-00571: ===========================================================
    RMAN-00558: error encountered while parsing input commands
    RMAN-01009: syntax error: found “identifier”: expecting one of: “archivelog, as,
    auxiliary, backupset, backup, channel, check, controlfilecopy, copies, copy, cu
    mulative, current, database, datafilecopy, datafile, db_file_name_convert, db_re
    covery_file_dest, device, diskratio, duration, filesperset, force, format, for,
    from, full, g, incremental, keep, k, maxsetsize, m, nochecksum, noexclude, nokee
    p, not, pool, proxy, recovery, reuse, section, skip readonly, skip, spfile, tabl
    espace, tag, to, validate, (”
    RMAN-01008: the bad identifier was: GB

    Now, if you tell me it’s:
    “4> backup section size 5G datafile 6;”
    I won’t have any problems with it.

    When copying from other documents, it’s likely a good idea to test if the copy really works as advertised…

    • Thank you so much for point it out. This was a mistake I made when proofing the document and accepted the word processor spelling advice (In my Backup and Recovery Seminar hands-on lab it is written correctly and it was tested many time in classroom), Once again, thank you for point this out and I will fix it in the document (done) .



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