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DB Control/DB Console (OEM) Changing Hostname or IP Address

I just got a client that changed his server  hostname and discovered that after this change he was unable to use the DB Control. To solve this problem you will just need to follow these simple steps: 1) Set  $ORACLE_HOSTNAME

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Let’s play with Oracle RAC 11g and Oracle Enterprise Linux 5- Part I

  This is the first of many workshops I’ll start to post on my blog, at the end of each one I’ll post the full paper and some videos teaching step by step each workshop. Let’s start with the first

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How to Start and Stop a RAC Environment

Auto Start/Stop The Oracle Cluster Services handle the automatic start and stop of the Cluster, Listener, ASM and the Database. For the Grid Control Agent, the auto start- stop is handled via the /etc/init.d/dbora script.  On server boot the dbora

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