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My book: Oracle Database 12c Backup and Recovery Survival Guide

It was a long journey of hard work and team work that now has finished, as a result you will find my book Oracle Database 12c Backup and Recovery Survival Guide that I wrote with the help of my good

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Why use OVM for Oracle Databases

Some time ago I made a benchmark exercise to compare the performance of an Oracle Database running in a bare metal environment versus a virtualized environment to clear some of the main questions our team and clients in Revera have,

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Playing with VirtualBox, Oracle 12c ( and OEL 6.4 – Part 1

Now that 12c was released it’s time to install in on OEL 6.4 64 bits OS. Let’s start playing with this. Before we start with the creation of the VM we will need to download some software first, such as:

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What was new for Oracle Backup and Recovery at 11g?

Oracle 12c is around the corner and due that I have received many questions from fellow DBAs about what was new about Backup and Recovery at 11g I have decided to write a small white paper about it. Hope you

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Back to Basics – USER MANAGED BACKUPs part 1

In the past few weeks I have received many questions regarding user managed backups, and due to this, I decided to write a little regarding this topic. User managed backups are basically all backups you can make without the use

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Playing with Oracle 11gR2, OEL 5.6 and VirtualBox 4.0.2 (1st Part)

Project Name 11gR2/2011 Author Francisco Munoz Alvarez Software Used Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.6 Oracle VirtualBox 4.0.2 Oracle Database and Infrastructure Software Date 02/02/2011 The idea of this tutorial is to show you how you can create an Oracle Database

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Installing Grid Control – Part I

By Francisco Munoz Alvarez Before you start with an installation of Grid Control, I’ll recommend you to go thru the documentation to understand all the minimum requirements and the installation process. For reference purpose, I’ll resume some important points of

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