My White Papers

Here you will find my papers to download, please fell free to let me know any comment or correction.


Thank you all for all the support received !!! More that 300 Downloads in the first 24 Hours, and some feedbacks like:

  •  “Good” by Sabdar Syed – OTN
  • “Nice One” by RajaBaskar – OTN
  • “Very Good Paper” by Ignacio Ruiz – OTN
  • “I was reading your Arcticle…It’s a excellent arcticle!” by Maran Viswarayar – OTN
  • “This is a very good overview on logging. We should forward to PL/SQL Developers we work…” by Erika Whitome – NZ
  • “Thank you for sharing this paper with me, it help me to understand several questions I had…” by Mauricio Melnik – Bolivia
  • “Great paper, very Interesting…” by Edgardo Cepeda – Chile
  • “an excellent whitepaper – good enough that I have saved it!, I look forward to more.” by oratek – Australia
  • I have finished to read your white paper. It is a brilliant work and helped me a lot. by Legatti, Brazil

Regards and thanks to all,

Francisco Munoz Alvarez

More papers coming soon…



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